We paint with Light; immortalizing images that echo into the future.

  • In the 15th century a woman commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of her. She said to the artist. “I am at the prime of my life and I want this moment to last forever. Paint an image of me and help me preserve this moment for all eternity”.
  • So the artist invited the woman to his studio and began to prepare his paints and brushes. When he was done preparing he pulled out a chair, set her up and said “Today I shall paint an image of your soul and all the ages will gaze and marvel at the beauty that you are. And my name will echo across lands and times”.
  • Today 500 years into the future we gaze and marvel at the Mona Lisa and we celebrate the name Leonardo da Vinci all over the world.
  • We at Over Exposed Photography help our clients create a visual representation of themselves, special moments and products. We view each assignment as an opportunity to create something new and elegant for our namesake.

  • Paako Magabane
  • Chief Photographer
  • 2015